Spot Map

This map features a variety of popular skate spots in Charlotte NC. Whether you’re visiting from out of town, looking for a certain spot, or just need some help deciding where to go skate, this map is a great guide. You may notice that not EVERY spot in town is listed, either because we don’t know about it and haven’t added it, or because some people would rather have certain spots stay under the radar. If you would like to help out by submitting a spot, visit the Contact Us page and send us some info! Please be respectful of these spots (clean up trash, respect business owners, etc). Don’t ruin it for everyone. Click here to view a more detailed and bigger version of the map.

DISCLAIMER: This map is here to serve as a guide. Skateboarding is probably not allowed at a lot of these spots, so take that into consideration. We are not responsible for anybody getting in trouble!

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