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Copenhagen Pro 2011 Finals Video

Transworld just posted up their footage from the 2011 Copenhagen Pro. Busenitz, Luan, and Cole were in the top 3.

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DTB 2: Lowkey Promo

Our friends down in SC have been on a mission again filming for the next DTB video, Lowkey. Check out the promo here and head over to their Youtube Channel to watch parts from their first video Gang Wars.

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The charlotteSKATE Archives: Montage 3

This montage was originally posted on October 31, 2005. This was not too long after Grayson Skate Park opened up and the park was actually fun to skate for a while. The rest of the clips are from other parks around the area…I guess this was our first skate park montage. Stay tuned for Montage 4 coming this weekend!

Skaters (in order of appearance): Micah McSwain, John Lyden, Jacob Franklin, Hunter Prevatt, Cameron Gill, Collin Watts, Ryan Gustafson, James Thomas, Drew Adams, Brandon Trammell, Justin Pittman, and Payton Shahdad.

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Malik Jordan New Street/Park Part

Check out this new part from young Charlotte ripper Malik Jordan. Malik’s been killing it for years and keeps progressing. Check out more at Filmed by: Mait Hudson

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Heath Kirchart B-Sides

There’s nothing better than new Heath footage. Heath is a legend and this B-Sides clip is worth watching 10 times. When you get bored of that, watch this uncut clip of his entire career.

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