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Nyjah Huston Wins X-Games Street

Not really a big surprise but Nyjah won the X-Games Street contest this weekend. Here’s a clip of his winning run. That haircut was a step in the right direction, now just loosen the trucks.

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Emerica B-Sides Montage

Check out this sick edit of all the Emerica B-Sides footage. Pretty cool that somebody did this.

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Jaws is now pro!

Tony Hawk decided to announce Aaron “Jaws” Homoki’s new pro status at the premiere of A Happy Medium 2 this weekend. Dude’s been killing it lately, can’t wait to see some more gnarly stuff from him.

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Nick Zizzo SPREADtheGOOD

Nick Zizzo’s part from SPREADtheGOOD. Buy it here! The video features 15 full parts and a 15-minute montage. $15 and free shipping on their site.

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The charlotteSKATE Archives: Montage 6

Just finished uploading the next montage from The charlotteSKATE Archives this morning. This one came out on June 9, 2006 and includes a bunch of throw-away footage from when we started filming for The charlotteSKATE Video, and some stuff from our San Francisco trip.

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