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Charlotte NC Featured in FOCUS Skate Mag

Get down to Black Sheep and pick up the latest copy of Focus Skate Mag to check out the Scenester article about Charlotte NC. Good job to everyone involved in getting this article done and to everyone who skates in Charlotte! Support your local skate scene!

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SOG/DTB Square One Clip

Check out the newest SOG clip from this past weekend from the SOG/DTB ramp jam at Square One Skate Park down in Charleston. Looks like everyone killed it and had a blast. Filmed and edited by Drew Adams.

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Go Skateboarding Day Best Trick Clip

Vince Scappator comes through with the first clip from the events on Go Skateboarding Day on Tuesday. After the big Game of SKATE contest we headed over to the foundation for 5 different best trick contests on the euro gap, the ledge, the hubba, the gap, and the handrail. I’ve never seen so much sick stuff happen within such a short period of time, everyone was killing it so hard! Thanks again to all the sponsors: Black Sheep, DC, vitaminwater and DGK.

Congratulations to all the winners including: John Hill, Andrew Bumgarner, Andrew Kolometz, Curtis Whitehead, Tad Childress, Trey Boyd, and Blake Spencer.

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