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Street League Kansas City Press Conference

A press conference for skateboarding? That’s super weird. It looks like some Nascar race or something. The whole Monster thing looks really forced. First of all, they want to drink water or beer. Not Monster. Even Nyjah wants a beer. Torey’s pretty funny though.

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SOG Hover Board Clip feat Ian Isenhour

SOG takes things straight back to the 80’s with this hover board clip. Be sure to get over to Gallery Twenty-Two to check out the board on display in the Let the Good Times Roll II skateboard deck art show which will be up for the rest of June.

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One Movement, Part 5

Stephen Romano just posted up Part 5 of his documentary about skateboarding in Charlotte NC. Pretty cool series so far, hit up his YouTube Channel for the first few parts. Part 5 features a bunch of gnarly vert skating:

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Nick Scott and John Laseter warming up at Grayson

Blazedubois just posted up this clip of Nick Scott and John Laseter warming up at Grayson. There some sick stuff in this clip and it looks like the people over at Grayson have been pretty slack about enforcing pads/helmets at the park…might finally be worth skating the park! Get over to Blazedubois Youtube Channel for more sick stuff from these guys!

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New SOG Foundation Clip!

Drew just sent me a link to his newest clip, filmed just the other day. The foundation spot by Black Sheep has been hooked up with a ledge,euro gap, handrail, and a hubba. Big thanks to Black Sheep, Austin, Miah, Henry, and everyone else who’s helped make this spot happen. Watch the SOG guys destroy the spot below:

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