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The charlotteSKATE Archives: Montage 2

I don’t even remember half of this stuff happening, but this one comes from September 7, 2005. A long time ago and still skating some of the same spots today. This was after the summer and a few trips to Atlanta, Columbia, and Raleigh. The Grayson footage was actually before the park ever opened. Enjoy!

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The charlotteSKATE Archives: Montage 1

charlotteSKATE was started in 2005 to bring together skateboarders around town and provide a website that was relevant to what was happening in Charlotte at the time. The original website provided spot info, local video clips, photos, and profiles on local skaters. The site took a little break from 2008-2011 but is now back 100%. All the content from 2005-2008 is unavailable online anywhere, so The charlotteSKATE Archives section will feature all the old video content from the site, including all the montages, skate park check-outs, and the entire charlotteSKATE video.

Check out the very first clip ever posted on charlotteSKATE featuring a younger version of some of the same guys you still see on the site. The original clip was posted on July 14, 2005, almost 6 years ago! Stay tuned for Montage 2 this weekend!

Filmed and edited by: Mark Hansen

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Skate Camp at Grayson

Grayson Skate Park just dropped off this flyer for Skate Camp during Spring Break next week. If you’re ages 7-14 and can figure out how to use the internet and are reading this, go tell your mom you wanna go to skate camp.

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Johnny Amon – Last of VX2 Footy Clip

Johnny Amon just posted up this really sick clip featuring an awesome mix of Charlotte skaters, dudes from The Janusis and Black Sheep included. This is one of the best clips I’ve seen in Charlotte in a while!

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Steve Naylor’s January Clip

Steve Naylor just finished up this edit of some January footage he got with his new VX1000. Be on the look out for more stuff from Steve and the younger generation of skaters here in Charlotte.
Featuring: Sedale Dotson, Trey Boyd & Matt Schneider
Filmed and edited by: Steve Naylor

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