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Johnny Dwiggins and Friends

Just saw this clip on Facebook from Johnny Dwiggins featuring himself, Kyrin McNair, Parrish Moore, Jamario Jackson, Clark Hodgin and more. Stoked to see the younger guys out there doing things in Charlotte!

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Nick Scott Throwaway Clip

I thought I posted this a few weeks ago but I guess I forgot to. Anyways, check out this sick little clip of Nick Scott’s throwaway footage from the past few months.

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New Matt Colmery Clip from Stephen Romano

Matt’s been killing it under the radar in Charlotte for years. I honestly thought the dude disappeared, but I was way wrong. He had a photo in Focus not too long ago and now this new clip of him skating all over Charlotte and surrounding areas. Good stuff!

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Quarter Snacks guide to NYC for Slap

Ok so Quarter Snacks is basically the New York version of Dirtsquad and CharlotteSKATE combined, but in a city so big that it actually gets some people looking at it. Slap announced that One in a Million would be there the year and they created a fucking hilarious list of 20 tips for the Slap contest. Read and enjoy.

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Andrew Bumgarner Clip

Andrew just posted up a link to this clip from last year. He kills a bunch of different spots and does some CRAZY tricks. I don’t know how I never saw this…definitely worth a few watches.

oldyo from drewtron 3030 on Vimeo.

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