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all my fools got fools

In case you’ve been on a month long bender and missed it, Matt Shively has a new website and has been posting up clips on the daily. Head over to that fools site by clicking here! Check the latest clip:

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Jason Waters Presents: Time Capsule

In case you missed the premiere this past Sunday, Jason Waters latest video project “Time Capsule” is available for purchase at Black Sheep for $10. The magazine comes packaged in a limited edition zine that features a bunch of cool stuff from Jason and his friends. The video is 100% Charlotte skateboarding and features a bunch of the older rippers as well as all the younger guys. Definitely a great concept, and a really fun and well done video. Support people doing things and support your local skate scene! Check out the video below that Jason put together of the past few years of his skating:

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Street League Kansas City Press Conference

A press conference for skateboarding? That’s super weird. It looks like some Nascar race or something. The whole Monster thing looks really forced. First of all, they want to drink water or beer. Not Monster. Even Nyjah wants a beer. Torey’s pretty funny though.

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One Movement, Part 5

Stephen Romano just posted up Part 5 of his documentary about skateboarding in Charlotte NC. Pretty cool series so far, hit up his YouTube Channel for the first few parts. Part 5 features a bunch of gnarly vert skating:

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Random NC Clip

Not sure who any of these guys are, but looks like some NC dudes from Raleigh or Greensboro. I thought it was pretty sick, but if you get bored just fast forward a little bit, it gets better. They skate, dork around and party. Killing it.

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